The sole purposes of this blog is an outlet for me to practice a little (non-formal) Japanese and to record my stay studying in Nisshin, Aichi Japan 2006. While I could have created an account at LiveJournal, Xanga, livedoor, etc, I decided to create one from scratch so I could possibly learn something.

This site was created in full OO C++ running under CGI. While there are a few CGI libraries available on the net, I started from scratch with everything and slowly put together a CGI library. This site was a complete pain to create… but I learned some new things in the process and that’s what it’s all about. C++/CGI really makes you miss PHP/ASP/Python at times. If you bump into any bugs please do report them to me. I have also implemented internationalization (i18n). Change your browser’s accepted languages to put Japanese as preferred to change all site phrases to Japanese. Other languages may be added if time permits.

The site is intended for all to read, people I know and haven’t met yet. My email is available at the top-right and I’m always eager to read and answer messages — so send me mail!