JNS 204. The class meets twice a week. Today I ― again ― spent my time passing notes back and forth with one of the girls from last semester’s JNS 301 class. (Yes, the notes were in Japanese) If it weren’t for having two people at my level in the class to talk with, I’m not completely sure I would keep attending; I’m not learning much of anything and the things that are taught are not really review material for me anymore. I will probably keep attending no matter what though because I enjoy being around Japanese in any form really.

火曜日で「日本語勉強会」を設立した、今日は初会議を開かれた。ママだったと思うけど。会議はほとんど 3 時間も続いたけど、その時間のほとんどは、俺達は 1 年生の日本語のクラス男にひらがなとカタカナを教えた(∧<)