I’ve just ordered my first Japanese [literature] books, well, one reference book and one literature book. I have many books on the Japanese language and way too many dictionaries, but no reading material other than old manga ― and three books that were gifts this past Christmas, but they’re gifts; I didn’t buy them. My first Japanese book purchase. I really do think I’m progressing somewhat.

“A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar” by Seiichi Makino and Michio Tsutsui to suppliment the book of “Basic Japanese Grammar” that I already have. 750 pages of fun! As well as “The Stories of the Kosoado Woods” by Jun Okada.

牧野成一・筒井通雄「日本語文法辞典【中級編】」の参考図書だ。この本は、もう「日本語基本文法辞典」を持っている補足だ。750 枚の読む喜び。

岡田淳「ふしぎな木の実の料理法 ~ こそあどの森の物語」だ。話は何かいいの?同じ読書力だと思うので、この本を書いた。本の漢字や文法はあんまり難しくないを願う……。