今夜の記事については、日本語勉強グループで変な日本番組を見つけた。レイザーラモン HG(ハードゲイ)(住谷正樹)。


The latest rave on TV over in Japan, I just heard about this earlier tonight. Apparently, there’s this guy who wears a black, tight leather outfit and whose purpose is to hump things: trees, tables, people’s shoulders, people; whatever’s in humping distance I guess.

They call him Hard Gay, “Leather Ramon Hard Gay.” The Hard Gay phenomenon is followed by old and young alike, yes kids too. I nearly died laughing reading about this guy. I’d like to see an episode.

In one of the episodes I read about online, Hard Gay makes an appearance at an elementary school. While having lunch with one of the girl students, she gets upset when another student steals her lunch. To make her feel better, Hard Gay softly humps her shoulder. The girl, now feeling better, gets up and hits the student who took her lunch. Hard Gay then gets in line and bends over so she can smack his leather-clad ass next.

By now you’re probably thinking I’m making this up, but I have proof below. Real, actual web sites of Hard Gay in action, including a clip from a video game where you can see some of his signature moves.