Super Bowl XL

Final score: Pittsburgh Steelers 21, Seattle Seahawks 10.

The Super Bowl was on tonight. I don’t watch any American sports at all and I couldn’t tell you what’s happening at any given time in the football league, but I usually make an effort to watch the Super Bowl every year. Why? Because for the next week everybody and their uncle will be talking about it constantly. So in an effort to be somewhat current in pop culture, I watch it. I learned this fact years ago when I first started working in an office environment. If I hadn’t heard someone briefly mention that it was going to be on tonight I would have missed it completely.

I turned it on and left it for the background. I think I watched more of the commercials than the actual show.

The Rolling Stones sang at halftime. Um… how old are those guys now…?! One of them looked like he was going to break his hip walking around so fast on stage and I thought I saw a portable air tank near the drums.