I'm A Gaijin

I’m a foreigner here in this land. I’ve always been a foreigner to the US as I was born in the EU but shortly enough after arriving I became an “American.” But here, I really feel like a foreigner. It’s a little bit of a strange feeling and it’ll take a little bit to get used to but it’s really nothing more than noticing many people glancing my direction. Most of the time it’s a quick glance or something like that and nothing offensive-like at all. But the girls around my age are different for some reason.

Why do so many girls here just sometimes gawk at me?? I’ve noticed girls on bikes riding by who were completely not paying attention to where they were headed as they were staring at me, seen girls who were trying to work that were just like stone staring at me, and other things like that. Why though? I know it can’t possibly be attraction, can it?

I told one of the Nihongo Circle (Japanese (language) Circle) group members, Kaori, about this and asked her what she thought about it. She laughed a bit and said she didn’t know and guessed it’s probably because I’m a foreigner. *shrugs*