The Last Few Days

Yesterday (Friday) we had a school tour followed by a welcoming party. The party was awesome, with all of the new international students this semester plus all of the ones from last semester that are still here. There were more than 100 people total. There was plenty of free food (which I stocked up on) and plenty of things to see.

However, after the administration staff made an introduction and we began eating, all of the new students this semester were required to make an introduction to everyone up from on stage on the mic. When it was my turn it seemed there were hundreds of people there.

A ton of school groups made an introduction along with an example of what they do. The kendo team showed off a little bit for example.

I got a chance to hang a little with Minako and chatted with Yoshi near the end (Nihongo Circle members).

After that welcome party, there was another party for the students of the school living at my building, about 20 or so. It was totally a western-style party with alcohol and plenty of talking and things. Somebody’s iPod was hooked up to a small speaker set which played terrible music from the 80s.

Today, Saturday, I spent shopping for food and things in Nagakute (about 10 km in total from where I live – by walk, yes). I bought a nice Tiger brand rice cooker at a second-hand shop for about $40.

Tomorrow the Nihongo Circle is taking a small group of us to Nagoya Castle for the day. I can’t wait. The cherry trees are almost all blossoming, quite a few are beginning to bloom.