A Lot of Learnin'

The cherry trees have been in full blossom for over a week now and are beginning to scatter on the ground. In some places, the areas beneath the trees are covered in a pink sheet. I’ll take pictures as soon as the weather clears up a bit.

It’s been raining constantly for more than a day now and it was only just this morning that it stopped. Only, the sky is still completely clouded, so taking pictures right now isn’t the best time.

School has been in full force this week and it’s a real challenge to retain all of the information being thrust into my head at times. By far the biggest challenge so far is remembering all of the vocabulary words and their associated kanji. I’m pushing myself a bit to not only memorize the words but also their writings. Today alone ― and it’s still not over ― I’ve been studying about 100 new words. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to remember so many new words and kanji though…