I’m sick. Last week sometime there was a really bad rain storm at the time and I walked a few kilometers to a store to buy some needed things. It wasn’t raining all that bad on the way there but on the way back it was pouring. I think that’s where I caught this cold. To make things worse, last Tuesday I went out for karaoke and sang too much. I shot my voice and made the cold worse.

I’m almost fully recovered today. I should be OK by Monday I think.

Last night we went to a Kabuki performance. Like everything else that I’m experiencing, it was my first. The performance was about four hours in total, with three short intermissions. There were a lot of the students that fell asleep or slept through most of the thing.

Kabuki is extremely stylized. From what the actors wear, to the backgrounds, to the very tones and language used. To watch it was like watching a living art piece in movement. The only thing that I didn’t like was that it was very difficult to understand what everyone was saying, but from what I head even Japanese have a difficult time.

In short, it was awesome! If I have the chance, I’ll go again.