Required Skill of Japan

The rainy season has begun I think: it’s been raining almost constantly for the last 3-4 days. Other than the fact that it looks dismal while raining, it’s been great. The weather is cool, I don’t have to pump the air conditioner at night in order not to wake up in a pool of sweat in the morning. The days are mild with nice winds. Although the biggest inconvenience is that the rain makes it near-impossible to get around with my bike.

With my right hand gripping the handle bar for dear life, I have to balance not only the bike one-handed but also the umbrella in my left hand. Riding at any speed, with the rain and wind pouring into the umbrella making it hard to balance it, it’s a pain in the neck to go anywhere! Luckily I have umbrellas that are clear so I can use them as shields when riding.