Closing Ceremony

We had the closing ceremonies on Friday, one from the administration staff and a following party, at school. There was a closing ceremony last semester that we all had to attend. Even though I wasn’t going home then, I listened to the speeches and tried to imagine the feelings that the students who were leaving must have felt. I had no idea. This time, knowing that now I’m one of those students who is now leaving, I listened to the speeches in a different light.

I had a party in my room at 7pm. It didn’t end until some time around 3am, but there were over 30 people at one point and I would guess maybe 50 different people showed in total. It was extremely fun; I’m going to miss Proxy parties (!). The party ended when my neighbor (Japanese, who I hadn’t met before) knocked at the door. I happened to answer it and talked with her outside. With words and a face that seemed to me that was about to break out into tears, she asked me to please quiet it down. That’s when I kicked everyone out; I didn’t want her to call the police.