The Past Week or so

There’s so many things happening lately.

Christmas Eve, those of us foreigners in my building got together for a dinner. There were about fifteen total that turned up, with each of us having to bring some food for the dinner. We’re all a little bit lonely this Christmas without our families so that’s why we decided to do this dinner. Thanks Damien for hosting.

Christmas day I spent with Lee in Fishimi. We shopped, did karaoke for a bit, and shot purikura. I booked a hotel room for the night. Being away from Proxy was nice even for just one night.

Tuesday through Friday early morning I went with a few of the other foreign students and a bunch of Japanese students to Nagano for skiing and snowboarding. I snowboarded for two days. Although to be more accurate: I spent two days falling on my buttocks again and again.

Today, I canceled my cell phone contract. I only had to pay about ¥6,000 for this month and the remainder of my contract. It’s a bit sudden, sorry to those that are trying to send me emails to my phone. My personal email address is listed to the top-right of this page.

Still don’t know what’s going on for New Year’s Eve. There’s parties near home, fireworks at Nagoya Port, major events in Kyoto, etc. No idea what to do yet.