Last Day

ごめん!今さ、午前 2 時でもう起きてるので、英語で書く。そろそろ時間がないな。今日は帰ることを話すたびに、すごくセンチメンタルになった。もう泣きたくないんだけど。もう帰りたくないんだけど。明日は嫌だ!今日みんなに泣きさせて、ごめんなさい。

Today I had no time to relax. I woke up to go to school to say good-bye to some teachers, though I only found Yamashita-san in the office. Then, I went with Lee and Akira to Nagoya to meet Haruka and Akiho. I said good-bye to Akira (we all got a bit teary-eyed) and met up with Akiho. We three then went to Starbucks (don’t get me started!) and waited for Haruka to take her lunch break. We ate and drank a little, didn’t talk too much though. Haruka had to get back to work in a rush, so we didn’t get a chance to say farewell properly but Lee and I walked with Akiho for a little bit.

We stopped at the subway gates to part ways. Akiho started crying. I started crying.

A few hours of last karaoke at Shidax, saying good-bye to Marina and Yoshie (though I’ll see her again in the morning), a few hours at my favorite restaurant Ohgiya, a few hours trying to stuff my suitcases, and at 2 in the morning here I am: still awake.

I leave at 7. There will be others who will come to see me off. I’ll write once more.