Twenty to Life for Farting

Children seldom hold back from doing things which would otherwise make grown-ups die of embarrassment if they tried it. One of the more highest forms of embarrassment is farting in public without the benefit of being able to deny it was you – elevators and cars are traps. One kid who was not afraid to let go and break social norms was a twelve year old junior high school student who decided to start ripping out farts during class. He didn’t just let one or two go but several in an attempt to be disruptive. With it, he also could not help himself to turning off a few computers in the classroom. So following this sort of disruptive (or eruptive) behavior the school did what anyone would do in a situation with an out of control twelve year old boy, they called the Martin County Sheriff’s Office to have him arrested.

From the report, the student – whose name does not appear on the report – was arrested and charged with “disruption of a school function.” He was “continually disrupting his classroom environment by breaking wind and shutting off several computers.”

If farting could land me in jail then I would be in death row by now. I can’t count how many times I’ve farted at work when no one’s around or at school while alone in a computer lab; and at home I keep the place warm and cozy throughout winter!