The Big Bang Theory, The Vartabedian Conundrum

I’m a fan of The Big Bang Theory which airs on Monday nights. It’s a show about four guys in their twenties who very geeky. Leonard and Sheldon, who are roommates, are each physicists who think and act on an entirely different realm than most people – that’s expected from PhDs. Across from their apartment lives a girl, Penny, who is as normal as can be and has no idea about the scientific world. The two physisists have two other friends who are scientists as well who drop by often. They’re all friends together and the show basically revolves around the socially inept scientists and the “girl next door” Penny.

What’s there not to like? Plenty of references to computers, Star Trek, action figures, video games, science, and other things from the nerd kingdom. Not every episode cracks me up but just about every one keeps me entertained and captivated.

Tonight’s episode (season 2, episode 10) focused on Leonard and his girlfriend Sara. I’m worried that the show is stearing towards a serious relationship for Leonard and that Sara will become a regular on the show. I like the characters without any emotional hangups as it leaves the door open and avoid any sappy melodrama. We’ll see what happens.