Company Dinner

With Christmas drawing near it means only one thing at work: the holiday dinner. There is a lot of anticipation by most for the grand dinner, escape to a ball-like atmosphere with fancy attire, and expected workmate who drinks a little too much and is remembered by everyone the following year.

This year we didn’t have any of those things.

Times are tough for the majority of companies in the US these days and many are cutting back on all costs. This year my company hosted a potluck dinner by its employees right in the building. The lunch room was packed full to the edges with various dishes brought in by everyone. A small raffle for a few prizes was held and then we were all excused for the day. A few brought in their Xbox and Wii to hook up to the projection screens in the conference room to play Rock Band and other games afterward though I didn’t get a chance to play.

It was a cheap option taken when the executive board and CEO are making millions in bonuses this time of year and they couldn’t be bothered to spend maybe $50 per person for a proper lunch, but there are lots of other companies which are handing out pink slips or folding altogether instead, so I can’t complain too much.